What To Do If You Get Into A Wreck!

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Car wrecks happen when they are least expected. It can be a life-changing and catastrophic event for you and your family. So, if it was not your fault, you must act quickly at the scene of the wreck in order to protect yourself, your family, and your assets.

A car wreck can lead to expensive medical bills, physical therapy bills, job and income loss, and permanent disability. You will need an Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer. The following steps below can save you and your family’s future from a lifetime of pain and suffering.

1) Stay calm and careful

Be very careful what you say or do at the time of the accident. Stay calm and don’t apologize to the other driver. Depending on the severity of the accident there may be catastrophic injuries or it may just be a fender bender, but make sure you stay calm and think before you act or say anything.

2) Check the stable condition

to make sure everyone in your car is in a stable condition and then check the other vehicle to make sure they are okay as well but DO NOT apologize for the wreck. You did not intend to have your vehicle hit and the other driver may not have intended to hit you, but it happened.

3. Always call the Police

It is very important to the automobile insurance companies that a police report is made at the time of the wreck, so call the police right away and get them to the scene. Tell them there has been an automobile wreck and let them know if people are injured and the severity of the injuries.

4. Use your phone

Make sure to use your phone to take pictures and use the VIDEO feature on your phone to record the accident and the surrounding circumstances of the wreck. The video feature on your phone can help give a much more clear picture of the wreck and the injuries after the wreck.

5. Look for witnesses

Try to find witnesses to the accident and ask for their contact information. Make sure to ask if they will wait around to give that statement to the police.

6. Speak with an attorney

Speak with an attorney before you call your Insurance Company! An Auto Accident Attorney in Atlanta can help you.

7. Go to the Hospital

IF the collision was severe, then go to the hospital in the ambulance. IF it was not severe, then drive yourself to the hospital immediately after the wreck. Injuries can take days, weeks, and months to manifest into a pain in the body, so make sure you get medical help as soon as possible after the wreck.

8. CALL a Personal Injury Attorney

You will need an attorney that can give you the right advice to protect you from the other party and the insurance companies. Call John W. Adkins and his team because they are the best Personal Injury Lawyers in Atlanta, Georgia. He is the premier Atlanta car accident attorney.

9. Make sure your social media accounts are in a private mode

Put your Facebook and Social media accounts in a private mode where only your friends and family can view your posts and make sure that you don’t post anything about your physical or medical condition on the internet. Insurance company lawyers are trained to use your Social Media posts and pictures against you in order to limit your recovery.

10. Keep your billing documents with you

Keep all your medical bills and invoices and give them to your personal injury attorney. Attorney John W. Adkins and his team will fight for you to make sure you get the compensation that you deserve! He is the best Atlanta Car Wreck Lawyer

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