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Great Tips for Buying Safe Toys

Great Tips for Buying Safe Toys

Safe Toys

Are you buying presents for the children in your life this holiday season? Every year dangerous toys cause serious injuries to kids. Here are tips to avoid these safety risks:

•Always follow the suggested age limits.
•Be aware of recalled toys, especially if you are buying secondhand.
•Do your research before purchasing online, as product descriptions may provide incomplete or misleading information.

Buying toys is a fun activity. There’s nothing like taking the time to look for the perfect gift for a child, but it can be hard to know if the toy you’re buying is safe.

Here are some tips to help you find a safe toy:

Make sure the toy is made out of materials that are non-toxic and won’t cause harm when they come into contact with other household items.

Always check the package before giving away or selling your toy. If there are any stickers or markings on it, ask someone else to test it out before you give it to your child.

If the packaging says “not for children under 3 years old,” then don’t buy it — even if it looks like something you think your child would enjoy! It may not be harmful, but there’s no way to know for sure without testing it first.

To learn more about toy safety and browse the 2019 “Ten Worst Toy” list from the organization World Against Toys Causing Harm.

Finally, a joyous holiday season to you and yours!

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