Car accident and police reports: Significance and Process!


Police Reports and their Significance

A car accident in Atlanta is common because of the high speed highways like I-75 and other highways. These highways see frequent wrecks with the involvement of multiple vehicles.

The accidents that involve the vehicles and result into the death of someone or damages more than $500 need to file a police report. The police officials assess the situation and prepare a thorough document that help the parties to connect with the insurance companies and can take significant action, if needed.

To understand the report will each point, you may need car accident attorney in Atlanta like Adkins legal, who can help you comprehend the basic points of it and can decide on the further course of action.

Why Do I need Car accident reports in Atlanta, Georgia?

The car accident reports are vital in Atlanta, if someone has met with an accident. Although some of the people wish to skip this step. The car accident can contribute the injuries which aren’t noticeable at the moment. It is important to call the police after an accident that includes significant damage worth more than $500 or apparent injuries for the insurance purpose. These include the cost of the medical bills, loss of pay, pain and mental trauma. In the court of law, the police report is admissible in trial. The car accident attorney in Atlanta can help you comprehend the complexities of these in simple language and fight your case.


Significance of Car Accident Reports

If you met an accident in Atlanta, make sure to get the accident report. The report includes the accident report number, and summarizes the observations and other vital information. It is mandatory for you to present till the police arrives the accident spot. In case of absence, hit and run case can be registered on you if someone else get injured or died by your vehicle.

The initial page of the report details out about the drivers involved in the wreck and their information. It also includes the description of the observation of the officer. The next page has the details about the illustration of the accident spot.

The subsequent report includes the description about the passengers of the colliding vehicles, drivers, witnesses etc. the next pages throw light on the accident codes which are hard for others to decipher. A prominent car accident lawyer like Adkins legal can help you in that.

Considerable Points in Accident Reports

The points which are considered in a police report consist of the following factors:

    • Condition of the driver
    • Speedy driving in challenging weather conditions
    • Influence of liquor
    • Machine fail
    • The condition of the Vehicle
    • Visibility obstructions

Sometimes, the police can get wrong in assessing the real culprit for the accident. The reports are detailed and intricate that can confuse the court, if the facts are not presented right.

With these possible complexities, preparing this report is a herculean task. Since this report is vital for the insurance companies to assess the faults and allocate compensation, they need to be accurate and justified.


Get an accident report of your car accident

The car accident wreck report is crucial for seeking compensation from the insurance companies or preceding further to face the trial in the court. You can get it in a matter of few days at the local police office or from the Buy Crash website. you can visit the police office in person and get the report from there. If you feel uncomfortable in visiting the place, you can submit online request for the same with a small fee to the state department of public safety. It includes your basic details including name, address and contact details with some of the other records like name of the involved people, date and place of the accident, accident report number with vehicle details.

It may take three to five working days after filing a request for the report to get your copy.

Consult a car wreck attorney

If you or your near ones involved in a car accident, you are required to get the help of a renowned car accident lawyer Atlanta. Getting a consultation from a car accident attorney in Atlanta can strengthen your case. A car accident attorney (PDF) can help you with all the information and advice needed to proceed with confidence.

We, at Adkins law, are considered as the best car accident attorney in Atlanta. We have ample of experience to deal with the insurance companies and fetch compensation that the client deserve. Hire the best Atlanta car accident lawyer to get you the maximum compensation. Call us Legal services +1 404-524-5626

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