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What happens during discovery in a personal injury case in Georgia?

What happens during discovery in a personal injury case in Georgia?

personal injury case in Georgia

If you’ve been injured in any type of accident and you’re pursuing a personal injury claim, and your claim has not been settled with a demand letter then sometimes a lawsuit will need to be filed. After the lawsuit is filed, the next part of the process will involve gathering evidence. This formal process is referred to as discovery and it may take one of several forms, such as the production of documents, interrogatories, request for admissions, or even to depositions. The aim of discovery is to become informed about all of the evidence and information that the other party has found out throughout their investigations of the accident.


The use of interrogatories isn’t as invasive or overbearing as it sounds. The use of interrogatories as part of discovery is simply where the attorneys for the parties send questions to each other with an obligation for those questions to be answered wholly and truthfully. Interrogatories are a very common discovery tool in personal injury cases in Georgia.

Request for admissions

A request for admissions is exactly as straightforward as it sounds. It is the process of one party’s legal team asking the responding party to admit to certain facts of the case that are not disputed in any way. This saves time and money by eliminating the need for the court to make findings as to all facts of the case.

Production of records

Parties may request the production of documents in a civil lawsuit, and the responding party will be required to provide your attorney with complete records as requested without altering or destroying them. Typical documents that may be requested include medical records, medical bills, police reports, photographs of the accident scene and/or injuries, etc. You may also be required to produce documents that can prove your loss of income.


A deposition is a legal tool that parties are entitled to use in order to receive sworn testimony from each other or from witnesses with first-hand knowledge of the accident. A deposition will typically occur at an attorney’s office with a court reporter present who will create a transcript of the questions and answers taken down. The person being questioned will be required to give their answers under oath and their answers may be used in court if the matter is required to proceed to a hearing.

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