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As a victim of an accident, you need the expertise and skills of a seasoned personal injury lawyer. As a personal injury lawyer, we represent the victims of product liability (dangerous products), medical malpractice, auto accidents and other injuries. We are equally proficient in handling the cases of insurance disputes and wrongful death claims

The negligence of an individual or groups can harm people. We represent the victims of such impacting negligence in a court of law. We help you get the compensation from the court for the medical expenses incurred, the pain and sufferings you suffer and the loss of wages because of such negligent behaviors and so on.

As an experienced personal injury law firm, Adkins Law firm, LLC has a demonstrated history of winning such cases for over a decade and half. We ensure you get the personalized representation with proper handling in a court of law.

If you or your loved one has come across such a case of negligence of others, contact a personal injury attorney in Atlanta, Georgia. We provide best legal remedial services throughout the state of Georgia.

Common Accidents That Can Result In a Personal Injury In Atlanta, GA

Atlanta is a great place to live and a great vacation spot. It is not unusual for tourists and residents of Atlanta to become involved in serious accidents caused by negligence. These are the most common accidents that occur in Atlanta due to negligent or irresponsible individuals:

Atlanta traffic and motor vehicle crashes: Drivers don’t always pay attention while driving. Distracted driving, speeding, and texting while driving can lead to an accident. Drivers who don’t adhere to Atlanta traffic laws or other road rules are also at risk. People who are under the influence of alcohol and drugs can also cause serious car accidents. These accidents can result in serious injuries and vehicle damage. The severity of any injury or damage will depend on several factors, including the speed at which the accident happened, the location of the accident, how the body reacted to it, and what the vehicle hit when they collided.

Atlanta car and truck Attorney: Truck accidents are very common. Trucks and cars are larger than bikes or motorcycles. You will most likely suffer the worst injuries from a collision between a vehicle and your motorcycle or bike. You don’t have any protection when riding a motorcycle or bike, so serious injuries are quite common.

The impact can cause you or your passenger to tumble off your motorcycle onto the road or pavement. These injuries could be serious or fatal if you aren’t wearing helmets and you either hit your head on the ground or a paved road.

Accidents on Atlanta Properties: Atlanta’s clubs, bars and restaurants are well-known. Tourists and residents alike love the entertainment that is available in downtown Atlanta. The owners and managers of these businesses have the responsibility to make sure that the premises are in good order at all times. This is to ensure the safety and security of their customers.

The owner or manager must fix any safety hazards or warn others about any potential dangers on the premises.

You can file a personal injury attorney against the business if you are injured in an accident at an Atlanta establishment. You are entitled to financial compensation for medical bills and lost wages if the business owner is negligent. You are also entitled to compensation for your suffering and pain.

Premises liability doesn’t just cover slip-and-fall accidents. It also covers parking lot accidents. The manager or business owner is responsible for any physical assaults that occur on the premises as a result of negligent security measures.


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Atlanta pedestrian accidents: Downtown Atlanta houses many businesses and is full of traffic intersections. Many intersections have crosswalks or traffic control devices that let pedestrians know when they can cross the street.

Serious or fatal injuries may occur if you are struck by a vehicle while crossing the street using the traffic control device. Pedestrian accidents don’t just happen at intersections in downtown Atlanta. These accidents can also happen in parking lots, garages, sidewalks, or other areas.

You can sue the driver or personal injury claim if you are hit by a vehicle following the law.

The Law Office Adkins Law Firm has the expertise to help you and your family if you have been injured by one of these types of accidents. Our team will help you get the compensation you need through settlements or litigation. We can help you obtain compensation for medical bills, lost wages and pain, as well as any other losses that result from the accident.