Business Travelers Face New Dangers and Shrinking Legal Rights

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In 2018, the average commute to work was at an all-time high. America already holds the dubious distinction of being the most overworked country in the world. 66.5 percent of women work more than 40 hours a week, while 88.5 percent of men work. As if working long hours weren’t enough, commutes are often longer […]

How to Deal with Insurance Companies after a Car Wreck?


A car collision with a motor vehicle or a crash is frightening. This is especially true on Atlanta’s freeways and roads. It is crucial to understand your rights and take the right steps to protect yourself and your family and to make a claim against your insurance company. These are some quick and simple tips […]

5 Tips to Choose the Best Truck Accident Attorney for Your Legal Rights


It is difficult to find the right truck accident attorney for you. It can be hard to choose from so many options. But, don’t worry! We can help you find the right attorney to represent you in a truck accident case. Truck accidents are among the most dangerous on roads. To protect themselves, motorists, pedestrians, […]

10 Things You Must Do After a Car Wreck

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A car wreck can be traumatic. This is a life-changing event for you and your loved ones. You must do 10 things after a car accident to ensure your safety and get the compensation you are entitled to. An Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer is essential! 1) Stay at the scene – Trauma and shock can […]

Great Tips for Buying Safe Toys


Are you buying presents for the children in your life this holiday season? Every year dangerous toys cause serious injuries to kids. Here are tips to avoid these safety risks: •Always follow the suggested age limits. •Be aware of recalled toys, especially if you are buying secondhand. •Do your research before purchasing online, as product […]

What To Do If Injured In A Car Wreck?

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Imagine you are driving along the normal route that you take every day. Passing the same stop signs and red lights as you do every day. As you accelerate through the green light, BOOM, you are hit by a truck traveling full speed. The truck slammed into the driver’s side knocking you unconscious. Airbags are […]